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Brantford Symphony School Concerts in the Expositor

As the Brantford Symphony prepared to present their third annual School Concert series, the Brantford Expositor met with Maureen Wills for an interview.  

The School Concerts featuring the Brantford Symphony Orchestra and Platypus Theatre, have been so well received in the previous two years, that we have now added concert times and are seating approx. 2800 students and adults from many schools across Brant and Six Nations.

These concerts are a vital resource for introducing our young students to the arts.

Full Expositor article can be read HERE

The Brantford Symphony has launched a Fundraising Campaign through Brant Cares to help raise much needed funds, covering outstanding costs for the 2019 series and also looking forward to more for 2020.  

Campaign Link – HERE

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Brantford Symphony School Concerts in the Expositor

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